Seeing the World through Your Baby’s Eyes

Close of up child's eyes for St. Charles Vision in New Orleans, LA

Like many animals, baby humans aren’t born with the vision we have as adults (in fact, vision declines with age). Babies learn over time how to focus their eyes, shift their gaze, and process visual information to understand the world around them. That’s why it’s so critical for parents and doctors to provide babies with the quality eye care they need to develop strong, perceptive eyes.

Vision Development at Birth

Humans are born with their eyes open, so they begin processing visual information from birth. Babies’ eyes begin taking in what’s going on around them before they even learn to use their hands or feet, sit up, or crawl, but they rely heavily on visual information and cues as they learn those new skills. Receiving good eye care is crucial from an early age to ensure that babies are on par with their peers in terms of physical development.

First Year of Life

During the first three months of life, babies can only focus their eyes on objects within a few inches of their faces. Wandering eyes or crossed eyes are common during this stage, as the baby hasn’t yet learned to coordinate their eyes. As the baby begins to understand how to move the eyes together, vision rapidly begins to improve. It is during this stage that hand-eye coordination develops, and babies begin to focus on their parents’ faces and other objects in the distance. Most babies have begun to see in distinct color and in depth by about five months of age.

By the time babies begin crawling around at eight months old, they’ve developed more advanced hand-eye coordination. As they begin pulling themselves up and learning to walk, they learn how to grasp and hold objects in their hands.

Doctors recommend that babies receive their first eye exam when they’re about six months old. Providing babies with proper eye care from an early age can prevent developmental delays, ensuring a healthy life for your baby. Contact St. Charles Vision today to schedule an appointment to give your baby an eye care advantage!