Partner Spotlight: Essilor Lenses Have Changed the Eyewear Game

Patients often ask the physicians at St. Charles Vision which brands of frames and lenses are best. Each patient is different, so there’s no “one size fits all” solution. But there are certain brands that stand out among others, and this month the St. Charles Vision team highlights one of their favorites: Essilor lenses.

About Essilor Lenses A man in a pink hoodie looking at a new pair of glasses

Even patients who have never heard the name Essilor probably know something about the company. They were the first company to develop a progressive lens. That first lens, called Varilux®, allowed wearers to focus more clearly on objects both near and in the distance. But it’s not just because of this first Varilux® lens that people know Essilor; it’s their Transitions® Adaptive Lenses that put them on the map. Transitions®, co-created with PPG Industries (a former joint venture partner of Essilor), were the first lightweight plastic lenses available for consumers that automatically adjusted to changes in lighting.

Utilizing Innovative Technology

Transitions® aren’t the only Essilor lenses that have made a difference to consumers with poor vision. They now sell lenses with Smart Blue Filter™ technology that helps reduce exposure to harmful blue light by at least 20 percent, whether it be natural light from the sun or artificial light from phones and computer screens.

Essilor holds more than 8,000 patents for eye products that protect the eyes while solving annoying issues like glaring and smudging. Their Xtend™ technology increases the distance the wearer can see in a single direction, and Nanoptix™ helps resolve balance issues and peripheral blur. SynchronEyes™ helps both eyes work together simultaneously, while Essilor’s 4D Technology™ is designed to enhance vision in the dominant eye.

Product Testing

Essilor lenses are so popular among St. Charles Vision patients because they were designed for real people. Essilor uses a process called LiveOptics™ to test their products with real wearers of glasses and contacts. Consumers receive products in development, test them in everyday situations, and report their feedback. Essilor makes changes based on this feedback, then tests them again. They also use home testing, where they visit testers at home to understand what vision problems they face regularly, in order to improve their future products for all consumers.

To learn more about Essilor lenses, or to schedule a routine eye exam, contact a St. Charles Vision location that’s convenient for you. We’ve been serving the Greater New Orleans area for more than 40 years.