The Benefits of EyeZen Digital Lenses

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Since technology such as smartphones, televisions, and computers has become part of everyday life, it simply is no longer enough to continue using lenses that were created for a pre-technological world. Here are the ways that EyeZen Digital Lenses are equipped for modern-day eye care.

Blue Light Protection

As humans learn more about blue light, the wavelength of light that is emitted from screens such as computers and smartphones, it becomes clearer that it may have harmful effects. It’s impossible to avoid technology entirely, but high amounts of blue light exposure can lead to effects that won’t necessarily show up in eye exams, such as headaches, eyestrain, and even trouble sleeping. EyeZen Digital Lenses reduce exposure to harmful blue light by at least 20 percent while remaining clear in color and appearance.

Vision Enhancement

EyeZen Digital Lenses offer some of the most modern technology for advanced eye care. Equipped with Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement, or W.A.V.E. Technology, these lenses are customized based on a user’s specific prescription. By beaming a laser through the lens to analyze how it bends to light, experts have been able to remove imperfections and provide more sharp and clear vision.

Eye Strain Reduction

Straining one’s eyes can have harmful effects, including headaches, regardless of whether one wears contact lenses or glasses frames. It is often a result of the eyes being exposed to prolonged intense use. In today’s technological world, this happens more often, as eyes weren’t necessarily designed to perform hours of close-up focusing for multiple hours of the day. EyeZen Digital Lenses reduce eyestrain by providing a clearer viewing experience that requires much less straining, especially for those who spend many hours a day looking at screens.

Eye care is often overlooked, especially considering how much technology has impacted it in recent decades. In addition to increased sharpness and clarity, EyeZen Digital Lenses can provide protection from today’s technological world in the form of eyeglasses. Book an appointment at one of the six convenient St. Charles Vision locations in greater New Orleans to learn more about EyeZen Digital Lenses!