Lu Brow

Lu Brow, Bartender, Brennan's Restaurant

Bartender, Brennan’s Restaurant. Frame by Face A Face. Photo by Zack Smith Photography.

What is an appropriate title for Lu Brow, executive of not only the beverage program at the newly renovated Brennan’s Restaurant but ambassador of the elegance and sophistication for which that famous name and location is renowned? “Bartender”, while accurate, feels lacking. And she’s always had an affinity for fresh ingredients and classic recipes that is now celebrated as part of the craft cocktail movement, even “mixologist” doesn’t seem like it says enough.

For someone who provides the personalized service and hospitality that is her signature, for the genuine pleasure she takes in pouring the perfect drink to complement a patron’s meal or mood, “Bar Chef” – a handle bestowed upon her during her decade at Cafe Adelaide’s Swizzle Stick Bar – seems to be the only one that really fits. Aside from being an accurate description for someone who personally whips up some of her own mixers and syrups, it comes the closest to capturing her deep understanding of the restorative and soul-satisfying part a nice drink and nice conversation can play in a the perfect night out.