Mark Samuels

President, Basin St. Records

Mark Samuels received important advice early in his business career – enjoy what you do. Mark was successful in the business world working in the energy industry, but was looking for something different – something that he would have a good time doing. So when approached with the idea to invest in a live recording, he decided to convert his hobby into his own music company. In the 15 years since, Mark’s passion has grown into the award-winning Basin Street Records label.

Basin Street Records began promoting its first project in September 1997. Since then Mark, a self-confessed, “bad musician,” has taken his passion for music from the back of a coffee shop to the forefront of the music industry. He also has taken the culture of New Orleans and spread it, through music, around the world.

Growing up in New Orleans, Mark understands his city is the northernmost point in the Caribbean. As a port city the people, music, food and architecture are different than anywhere else in the world. This unique culture is what excites Mark, as it sets the stage for a rich blend of unique artists who fill the city with jazz, blues, R&B, soul, funk and rock.

Basin Street Records artist, Rebirth Brass Band, earned the record label its first Grammy in 2012, and Mark looks forward to the continued success of Basin Street Records and the promotion and growth of the New Orleans music industry worldwide. A family man at heart, though, Mark most looks forward to spending time with his growing family and watching his children grow and embark on their own paths.