Brent Houzenga

Brent Houzenga, Artist

Artist. Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples x Public School NYC. Photo by Zack Smith Photography

As a visual artist, Brent Houzenga is inspired by everything. The subjects of some of his most recognizable pieces came from hundred year old photos of unknown place or origin he found in a discarded album almost a decade ago. His tools are spray paint and stencils, used not on a cement wall but on the glass of a discarded window sash or planks of an old fence. A utility box cover or a friend’s guitar.

When he was commissioned to cover one car in his signature style of technicolor graffiti pop-art, he thought it would be cool to do another and another and maybe a few vans and scooter, too. He puts found images on found objects and vice versa. He does it with a shiningly positive attitude that only accentuates the playful, mischievous look in his eye. He’s currently training himself to create with his left hand as proficiently as he can with his right. Why? Why not.